Rupari Designs

The experience will take place in Rupari's small, boutique clothing design and tailoring shop. Rupari will share her experience with design, fashion, modeling, tailoring, running a boutique design house, and fashion marketing in Rwanda and E. Africa. She'll share some of her sketches, projects she's working on, and samples of her work. She can also provide feedback on some of your work if you bring it with you.
You'll also spend time with the tailors that work on her designs and learn how they bring Rupari's creations to life. If you'd like, you can try your hand at creating a piece to take home. Or, sit back and watch the expert tailors create something for you. Each curious traveler can choose their own fabric and take home a pillowcase, scarf, bow tie, or traditional necktie.

Rupari was born in Burundi and came to Rwanda in 1994. She holds a degree in International Economics from the National University of Rwanda and has worked with NGOs, in public relations, and also in the banking sector. Rupari’s immediate goal is to be successful in the design and production of her clothing lines. She hopes to export her work internationally and eventually open a shop in another country. She’s also passionate about working with other models that wish to pursue modeling as a career. She also hopes to have a larger online presence and increase sales through her website.

Rupari started in the fashion industry as a runway and advert model. She’s worked with designers from East and West Africa, including many Rwandan designers. It was her interest in African fabrics that inspired her to create her first clothing collection. After presenting her first collection in West Africa, she reluctantly returned to her job in the banking sector. She continued to design corporate and special occasion clothes for friends, family, and, of course, herself. As her passion for fashion grew, she started showcasing her work around Africa and in late 2014 Rupari achieved her dream of opening her own boutique.


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