Our History

RCFS is a forum for local and international fashion designers, to showcase their design. This event is unique by featuring designs from a variety of cultures and from local and international designers. It is organized and managed by IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS which is a film and Photography Company that also specializes in event management and representation of actors and models.

RCFS was founded in 2012 by Celestin Ntawirema CEO & Managing director of IRIS PRO-FILMS “Our goal is to promote fashion designers and create public awareness of the talent and quality designs in the region and Africa“. We aim to provide business opportunities, networking and leisure activities for the audience. We also partner with young artists in entrepreneurship to promote arts and creativity, including designing clothes. We are partnering with local modeling agencies to cast the models for the show.

The annual event celebration of Rwanda’s Fashion and Creative business industry is set to epitomize the fashion business scene in Rwanda, with activities that gives a voice to, and celebrates Rwandan and international creative business practitioners.

The organization is structured with an aim to develop and educate emerging talents in Rwanda through its mentoring platforms and inspirational industry seminars giving them the opportunity to evolve and involve internationally.

RCFS is strategically placed to support and strengthen sustainable fashion, creative business development in textiles and manufacturing industries in Rwanda.

We are striving to create opportunities for artists to thrive professionally in the country by supporting artistic projects and organizing workshops, fashion shows, and sharing knowledge with the art community in Rwanda.

Since the start in 2012, IRIS has worked on local, national and international production and co-productions and its key staff have a variety of experience and the necessary skills in film making, event management and photography.

Our Goals & services:

  • To promote local designers from Rwanda and the region.
  • To create a fashion show that highlights the culture and atmosphere in the country.
  • To create a platform of exchange between new and locally based artists and designers.
  • To create a space for developing and exploring creativity in designing clothes, new styles and forms.
  • To stimulate the local designers in community.
  • To equip professional designers with skills and networking opportunities.
  • To promote the cultural tourism based on clothing designing.
  • To develop Manufactures, fashion designers, retailers, supplies, education institution, textile industries, PR people and international commonwealth fashion industries.
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