Rwanda Clothing

RWANDA CLOTHING is the Rwandan fashion brand and will be one of the world market leaders of African fashion in terms of design and quality of our products as well as our brand popularity and recognition. RWANDA CLOTHING will become the first known fashion producer from Africa worldwide and a pioneer in creating a brand new market segment: African fashion international.

RWANDA CLOTHING was established in February 2012 in Kigali by founder Joselyne Umutoniwase who is the creative mind behind the brand and one of the best new talents in creating fashion in Africa. She is born in Rwanda and has developed her famous design artwork over the last decade while living and working in Africa and Europe.

The philosophy behind Joselyne’s brand is simply to set the highest standards of customer care and customer satisfaction in African fashion. We truly love our customers.
RWANDA CLOTHING is designed to become a fashion revolution by establishing its own Rwandan style and fashion identity. Our high-quality products will change the perception of fashion and the buying behavior of people in Rwanda and in the whole of Africa.

RWANDA CLOTHING shall also be an example for respecting ethical values and human dignity and each and every decision our company makes must consider the consequences from an economic, social, cultural and ecological viewpoint and should contribute actively to the wellbeing and sustainable development of the Rwandan community.

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