What We Do

IRIS PRO FILMS 1000 HILLS can be hired to document your event or to create your next film.

Check out our services below:

- Photography: We can document your memories at weddings, parties, business meetings and other events.
- Film (events): We can also film your event to create a documentary you can share with friends, family, so-workers, potential clients and more!
- Film (short films and feature films): We can write scripts, provide a shooting plan, direct, cast, film and edit your next project. All services are offered throughout East Africa.
- Casting: We can find models and actors to fit the needs of your project.
- Music: We offer song writing, music video and production services.
- Dance: We provide dancers for events, music videos and more. Dance styles include traditional Rwandan dance and modern dance.
- Translation: Fluent in Kinyarwanda, French and English
- Market research and public opinion pulling.
- Television programming and broadcasting activities .
-Creative Arts and Entertainment activities.
-Publishing of Directories and mailing list.
-Publishing of news papers,journals and periodicals.
-Motion picture, Video and television programme production activities.
-Motion picture, Video and television programme post-production activities.
-Motion picture, Video and television programme Distribution activities.
-Motion picture projection activities.
-Sound recording and music publishing activities .
-News Agency actvities.

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