Celestin Ntawirema

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CEO & Event Manager

Celestin Ntawirema is an artist filmmaker, Dancer, Photographer and fashion shows producer. He also partner with young artist to promote arts and creativity including designing clothes. He has a Diploma in Mathematics & Physics; He is studying in College for America in the department of arts and Business in communication. His experience and education in art started in 2004 when he selected to be party of Rwanda Nation Dancing Troupe.  In  2005 founded youth club and changed it into a cooperative to develop youth by seeking network and opportunity to develop the cooperative KAT. In 2006-2008 worked as Youth Coordinator in Never Again Rwanda. In 2008-2011 worked as an Arts director in Centre Cesar by Ubuntu Edmonton CANADA, In 2012-2013 worked with Rwanda Cinema Center, In 2014- 2015 worked with Africa International Club as an event coordinator and Facilitator. In 2015 he elected as Vice president of Rwanda Fashion Council Currently He is the CEO & Managing Director of IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS owner of Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show that he founded in 2012.He also organizes trainings for the Rwandan models and events for both clothing designers and models as well as develops their career in fashion industry in Rwanda and Regional. He also organize trainings and events for youth as well as fundraising for social projects

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... a forum for local and international fashion designers, to showcase their design. This event is unique by featuring designs from a variety of cultures and from local and international designers. It is organized and managed by IRIS PRO-FILMS 1000 HILLS which is a film and Photography Company that also specializes in event management and representation of actors and models.