Help Them Have Water

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Help Them Have Water


Raising awareness about social, political and economic issues, community initiatives and arts and entertainment in East African countries. Also fundraising for existing NGOs and programs in Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Take a closer look at the region!

This charity page has first created with the intention to help me raise funds for my trip to East Africa as an artist volunteer and as an East African residence. A sincere thanks you to dearest friends, donors and mentors for giving your utmost support. I shall never forget your kindness during my critical time. But now that the trip was possible and it is still a journey that needs people to walk in it.

Fundraising for East Africa will be more than a page. It is your guide to my pre and post travel time, NGOs I visited, current projects that I am working on, politics and the different paths of life in East Africa. There will be status updates of current events in the East Africa.

This Charity page is not just a look at East Africa through my experiences but through others as well. Please feel

There will be videos of life stories told by the people I meet every my trip during my travels, stories of the people that make the NGOs and addressing generalizations about East Africa.

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